Generations after its founding, Wirtz Corporation thrives as a private holding company with diversified business interests including real estate, insurance, banking, sports, entertainment and wholesale distribution throughout the United States.

Arthur Wirtz successfully founded the Corporation in 1926 as a real estate company, owning or managing more than 80 buildings in Chicago, Illinois. Today, Wirtz Realty has grown to include an impressive apartment building portfolio, offering 23 luxury residences located in Chicago's most sought-after neighborhoods, an expert leasing and management staff proud to uphold a tradition of more than 80 years of impeccable service and a more recently formed investment and development services division backed by a resourceful team of leaders specializing in construction, engineering, architecture, law, development, operations, marketing, accounting and finance.

That same success has carried through to varied business interests in the Wirtz Corporation portfolio. Wirtz Beverage Group, begun in 1945, has grown into a nationwide, industry leading wholesale beverage-alcohol distributor with operations in Canada.

Wirtz Insurance and bank holdings including Illinois-based First Security Trust & Savings Bank and First National Bank of South Miami remain important components of the company.

The family’s most public businesses are the Chicago Blackhawk Hockey Team and co-ownership of the United Center, for which the team and the Chicago Bulls call home. In 2010 and then again in 2013, the Chicago Blackhawks achieved ultimate success by winning the National Hockey League’s Stanley Cup championship.

The newest addition to the family of companies is Banner Collective, a full-service creative and production company primed to enhance communication and entertainment for the 21st Century.

Built on tradition, the company is led by William Rockwell “Rocky” Wirtz whose value-driven business strategy and determined drive for success have positioned the company for solid growth. Additionally, many family members remain company executives and have committed to bringing innovation and collaboration to business endeavors.

Today, with more than $2 billion in annual revenues and 3,000 employees, Wirtz Corporation stands as one of the largest privately held companies in the United States.

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